My wife Kari and I were classmates in junior high in 1972 and 1973. After that, we never saw each other again until a Facebook friend request in 2015. We got engaged in 2016 and married in 2017. Kari really understands my love for the car business and my passion for training. It's been Kari's support and encouragement that lead to this training. Originally my focus was on in house training at dealerships until Kari offered a suggestion. Her thought was to offer complete training, from the ground up, to those who may be seeking a new career. I love my wife! We hope we make a huge difference for the better for you and or your family!  

      WHAT WE DO

KARILOU offers integrity sales training to the career minded with or without any current sales experience. Our training is all about helping those who want to make a difference for the better. The key to being successful in selling cars is to keep relationships healthy and to build on them. The only way this can be accomplished is by doing right for every customer. We teach four rights. The "right" salesperson at the "right" dealership with the "right" car for the "right" price. Buying a car should be fun and exciting for all involved. KARILOU's training  focus's on providing that experience to every customer. Customer satisfaction = repeat and referral customers = success. At KARILOU we do it right and we do it for you!

        HOW WE DO IT 

KARILOU teaches the value of customer retention by offering customers not only the best buying experience but also the best ownership experience they've ever had. We teach the value of using social media to keep customers informed by creating custom videos to tell the message. How to reach out to customers who would benefit with "same payment" upgrades. We teach the importance of setting goals to map out the future. The steps needed to insure great customer showroom visits. How to stay focused and motivated. Most important we teach what to do with down time. There's plenty of downtime for salespeople and what they do with it is the difference between average and successful.